Introducing debut the debut author of Enimnori: Arrival, Jeff Webber

 Welcome to debut author Jeff Webber!


I am a former Software Engineer who grew up in Richmond Massachusetts, I am now retired and live with my wife and mother-in-law in Western Massachusetts. I have four grown children, one son and three daughters, all of whom still reside in Massachusetts. I have a B.S. in Mathematics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and have done graduate work in both Applied Math and Computer Science.  I’ve been an avid reader (mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy) since grade school.  My first novel was a long time in the making (nearly 20 years) and has been split into two books (Enimnori: Arrival being the first) with the second (Enimnori: Discovery) due to be published in the fall of 2022. Book three (Enimnori:Challenge) is about 95% complete with book four (Enimnori:Crisis) about 25% 

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medium:  @jeffwebber1122

What would you say are your strengths as an author?

Mostly, the enormous number of books I've read along with an active imagination and a large vocabulary. I should also include one of my daughters who has a BA in English and an MS in Library Science as she has been a tremendous help.

How often do you write, and do you write using a strict routine?

I wrote VERY sporadically for about 20 years (on the first two books). Since retiring, I do something book related daily but have no schedule or fixed process.

Five years from now, where do you see yourself as a writer?

Hopefully I will have expanded my series into a dozen or more, possibly starting another series if I get a different inspiration.

If you could offer once piece of advice to a novice writer, what would it be?

Just do SOMETHING almost everyday. Also, at least for me, frequent feedback is critical, be it from a family member, friend or whatever.

What would you consider to be the best compliment a reader could give your book?

That's an easy one. "I enjoyed reading it."

What are you working on now?

At the moment I am going through the publishing process of book 2, finalizing book 3 and working on book 4.


An act of desperation by young magician Brandon accidentally snatches Scott Hathaway from our world. Struggling to adapt to his new life, Scott becomes ensnared in dark local politics. He realizes he can use the knowledge he brought from his world to save his new friends, but at what cost?

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