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Every now and then I join in the Insecure Writer's Group for the fun of it! 

June's question is:  When the going gets tough writing the story, how do you keep yourself writing to the end? If have not started the writing yet, why do you think that is and what do you think could help you find your groove and start?

I've never had a problem with starting books, just finding time to finish them at times! I probably have 6 or 7 partials sitting on my shelves. 

It's funny that I've started books and set them aside only to come back later. In once case, years later because I wasn't ready to publish that particular part of my series. One of them, I edited and recently published as The Conned Lady.

Currently, I'm about 3/4 of the way through my newest work in progress called Dead Man's Doll. It always seems to happen when I hit this point that I run out of steam. That is until I printed it off and went through to do a re-read and a round of edits. Once I got through those edits and made notes in the manuscript of where I need to add in a scene or some description. From there, I go back and do another read through, adding those scenes in to make the story flow.

After I fill in all those missing scenes and flesh things out, I give it one more good read before it's off to my editor. By then I'm tired of reading it and need another set of eyes!

If I'm having a particular stuggle with a story or scene, I'll go take a walk or a shower and let my thoughts simmer in the back of my mind. One of the two never fails to get my thoughts flowing.

As for finishing a book to the end, by the time I get "this close" I can't stop and am actually excited to get it done. Hopefully, by the end of June, my newest book will be done and off to readers, then I'll be able to work on one of those other books on the shelf!

Happy writing!!
Let’s rock the neurotic writing world!
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